How to CUSTOM Order

Once a custom design has been agreed upon, Jensen Ringmakers will quote a price for your piece. Next, instructions are provided on how to ship your ivory, bones, claws or teeth to us, along with a small deposit. After receiving your ring size, your ivory, bones, claws or teeth are transformed into stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry, usually within 3 working weeks. The process is quick, but your trophy will last a lifetime.



Choose your design first-hand by visiting any one of the Jensen Jewelers stores where the elk ivory is permanently on display.

Order by Phone

Discuss the specifics of your jewelry with our design consultants and order toll-free at (800) 456-8413.


At Jensen Ringmakers, nothing pleases us more than creating exactly the treasure you want. Our master goldsmiths know how to take raw metal and stone and help you give it that personal touch. That’s why we incorporate a variety of customization options for each and every customer during ordering, including simple design modifications, gold antiquing, and even Boone and Crockett® Score engravings—all included in the quoted price of each piece. Most importantly, our custom designs are completed to the highest levels of craftsmanship, ensuring that your memory will stand the test of time. Ask any of our representatives to tell you more about customizing your own masterpiece.


Prices quoted are for men’s rings; ladies sizes are lower in price, as less precious metal is used. We will advise you when your jewelry is completed, and upon receipt of payment for the balance due, your jewelry will ship to you by FedEx. A portion of all Jensen Ringmakers sales of our Sawtooth Collection will be donated to the conservation efforts of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, and F.N.A.W.S. It is unlawful to kill elk or other wildlife for the purpose of extracting parts for jewelry, punishable by fines and or a jail sentence.